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Environmental Impact

The average Australian consumes a whopping 200kg of paper and paperboard a year. Yet 70% of the world’s paper comes from virgin fibre (read: rainforests.) This doesn’t just destroy our beautiful forests and take away animals’ homes – it accounts for around 30% of global carbon emissions! 

Whenever possible we use the highest quality sustainably sourced papers, recycled papers and paper alternatives available. All our post-consumer recycled paper products are made from materials that have already lived another life.. Another bonus: making paper from recyclables involves considerably less water and energy to produce than virgin fibre!

You might have had a bad experience with recycled paper in the past, finding it gritty or pulpy. Our paper is the exception. It’s gleaming white and the smoothest uncoated recycled paper on the market. We also have an unbleached brown alternative that’s great for swing tags and that rustic look if that’s your jam.

We also use vegetable inks whenever possible. Manufactured from renewable resources, usually soy or linseed oil, they’re comparable in quality to the traditional mineral oil-based inks. But they don’t contain hazardous substances that can lead to air pollution. A renewable resource, vegetable inks are also easier to recycle!