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Ethically Made

We believe that running a successful business and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive. Which is why we make sure all our products are made under fair and safe working conditions, without any exploitation.

As part of the socially responsible business movement, we don’t believe profits should be at the expense of the environment or the community. In fact, we believe that with each sale we can contribute to positive change.

Photo by Riccardo Lennart Niels Mayer/iStock / Getty Images

That goes for you too. As a conscious consumer, with every ethical purchase you can make your mark a positive one. Think you alone can’t change the world? Think again. If everyone purchased ethical products, it would halt the businesses that ignore social and environmental issues – and drive innovation and growth in the ones that do.

As an Australian-owned and locally run business, when you choose Inspirationery for your stationery needs, you’re supporting local jobs and the economy, all while reducing the environmental impact through less transport!

Another issue close to our hearts is gender equity. Not only do we support the empowerment of women and girls through donating 50% of profits to education, but as we continue to grow we hope to find even more ways to empower women through the supply chain.  

Finally, we believe in linked prosperity. When we succeed, we want our community to succeed with us – and the world becomes a better place. Because profit, people and the planet aren’t incompatible. In fact, when done right, the three work together beautifully.