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5 Ways to Close the Door on 2016 in a Positive Way

Cassie Dewar

As the end of 2016 draws near, I feel called to reflect on the year that's been. Like many people, I have felt that 2016 was a significant year but even more than this, 2016 has increasingly felt like the end of an era.

In Numerology, the year 2016 is a universal 9 year (2+0+1+6 = 9). And with numerology occurring in a 9 year cycle, the number 9 represents the end of that cycle. It is the year of completion, endings and coming full circle.

This means 2016 is the perfect time to reflect on our learnings from the past nine years, embrace important lessons and let go of what no longer serves us  - all in preparation for new beginnings in 2017. 

If you've also felt compelled to close the door on 2016, I've detailed 5 ways below to do this is a positive way in preparation for a fabulous 2017!

1. Make time for stillness and reflection. The break between Christmas and New Year is the perfect opportunity to set aside time to reconnect with nature, sit in stillness and reflect. 

2. Use your journal to write a stream of consciousness. Simply write whatever comes to mind when you think of the last 9 years. Don't worry about making sense, or going on tangents. The key is to have faith that everything that needs to be released will

2. Create a timeline detailing all the major milestones of the last 9 years. Use your journal to reflect on how far you've come, all you have achieved and to give gratitude to everyone and everything that has helped you grow. 

3. Use the journaling prompts below to ask yourself:

  • What things do I need to finalise, tie up or finish ready to start fresh in 2017?
  • What experiences, people and lessons am I grateful for? 
  • What am I holding on to that isn't working?
  • What do I need to let go of in 2017?

4. Finalise and complete any half finished jobs that are taking up mental space. Clothes need mending? Need to finish your tax return? Been meaning to take a box of clothes to the Salvos? Get it done before Jan 1st!

5. Remove clutter, get organised and get ready for a new beginning in 2017! 

I hope you found these suggestions helpful. I'd love to know how the above work for you. I've already put some time aside in my calendar after Christmas to give myself space for the above.

- Cass x