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5 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness In Your Day


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5 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness In Your Day

Cassie Dewar


Mindfulness, like brushing your teeth, can be an important part of self care.

It allows us to slow down and really appreciate what’s going on in front of us.

It doesn’t have to be “another thing to add to the to do list” infact there are many ‘mini’ ways to be mindful throughout the day.

An easy trick is to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Refocus your thoughts on the present and the idea is you’ll be able to approach your tasks with a clearer, more mindfully perspective.

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness into Your Day:

1. Meditate.

Simply sit and enjoy being quiet.

Clear your mind by focusing on deep breathing and releasing the thoughts that come into your mind.

This is a lot easier than you think! And that’s part of the problem – we think too much. Or we place too much value on whatever it is our mind has created.  

It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts and think that we actually are our thoughts.

We are not our minds.

We are the magical being that resides inside our bodies.

Often we have a monkey mind chatter going on at all times. Being quiet with ourselves gives our mind a chance to re-calibrate, relax and digest anything our inner voice might be trying to tell us.

2. Express gratitude for someone.

There are many ways you can show mindfulness of someone else’s presence in your life.

You could write them a letter, think of them fondly, hug them or explain to them what they mean to you.

When we become mindful about our relationships, we appreciate and value the impact they have on our lives.


3. Go for a walk.

And don’t take your phone. Or music. Or a friend. Enjoy what you see and take time to contemplate the world around you.

When you go for a walk, run or do exercise, try leaving your phone and watch at home and be free just like when you were a child. Enjoy the world as it is and not as your tracking it.


4. Practice active listening.

Focus on the person in front of you. Look at their facial expressions while they’re speaking. And don’t focus on what you want to say in reply, focus on understanding them.

A good way to ensure you’ve understood someone is to repeat back to them what you heard. It confirms that you interpreted their ideas in the right way.

We can often change ideas or read between lines during conversation which skewed the original message.

5. Notice your food.

With our busy lives, not many of us take the time to simply sit down and eat. Often we’re watching TV or reading or continuing to work.

Get used to having a mindful meal by being conscious of your chewing, taste every bite and have a short pause after every swallow.